/* A  C++ program to find Grundy Number for
   a game which is one-pile version of Nim.
  Game Description : The game starts with a pile of
  n stones, and the player to move may take any
  positive number of stones upto k only.
  The last player to move wins. */
using namespace std;


// A function to Compute Grundy Number of 'n'
// Only this function varies according to the game
int calculateGrundy (int n,int k)
	if (n == 0)
		return (0);
	if (n == 1)
		return (1);
	if (n == 2)
		return (2);
	if (n == 3)
		return (3);
        return (n%(k+1));

// Driver program to test above functions
int main()
	int n = 47;	
	int k=3; // you can change the value of k accordingly as you are allowed to pick upto k stones
	printf ("%d", calculateGrundy (n,k));
	return (0);

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